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The Shadow Dwellers. A name made to strike deep into the brains of every creature, and intoxicate it with fear. A name that makes even the strongest of men tremble, and bend over for the impending storm. The Shadow Dwellers are never the oppressed, but always the oppressors. Today was no exception.

Darth Sethos had received no additional resistance from the local government since his incident with the police. He wondered if they were up to something. The possibilities of a city thinking on its own send shivers down Sethos's spine, and the thought of it had outnumbered whatever threats this "survivor" might pose. Sethos realized what he had to do first.

One of the Shadow Dwellers, who will only be known by his callsign "Praetorian", stood beside Sethos. Praetorian served as Sethos's personal bodyguard, although Sethos rarely had need of his services. He was mainly there in case betrayal strikes. Praetorian was one of the best Shadow Dwellers there was, and his mind was completely programmed to be loyal to Sethos and Sethos alone. This is a most comforting fact for a man of Sethos's power.

"Praetorian. Order the Shadow Dwellers and the rest of the Bloodbringers to take over this city. Spill as much blood as possible. Send our ships and set up a blockade around this pathetic planet. Not a single spaceship will pass, or I will have all of your heads."

Praetorian knew better than to question his master's orders, and he took a bow to him.
"Understood, sire. I will get to it right away."

He walked away from his master, into the ship known as the Malevolent One. The order he presented to the rest of Sethos's army was to change Serrocco's history forever...

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