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Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
im worried that the fundies around here might make movements to outlaw porn and free speeach here too.
If you're in the US, there's no chance of that happening any time in the near or foreseeable future.

If it didn't happen under the Baby Bush administration, then chances are that it's never going to happen. Porn is a multi-billion-dollar industry here in the States and the porn lobby is most likely very strong with all of that money to back it up.

"They should rename the team to the Washington Government Sucks. Put Obama on the helmet. Line the entire walls of the stadium with the actual text of the ACA.
Fix their home team score on the board to the debt clock, they can win every game 17,000,000,000,000 to 24. Losing team gets taxed by the IRS 100%, then droned."
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