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Cylax made an attempt to cross the street as he saw Cade go into a cantina; Typical move for his prey. A man running from something bumped into Cylax and nearly made him fall. He deactivated his camo and grabbed the man by the throat. He slammed him into a wall before letting him go.

"Next time watch where you're going." he hissed at the man.

Cylax put his camo back on and stopped right before the entrance to the cantina. He put his back to the wall and stuck his head out to see where Cade was sitting. He pointed his gun arm at not Cade but the binjinphant. Rather than fire his weapon he set it to a high pitched frequency that only it would be able to hear. A high pitched ringing shout out from his arm towards the cantina. Cylax would have no way of knowing if it worked as he could not here it. The only way he would know is if the creature reacted.
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