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Ok, well i was reading the commandos vs spartans post but it was closed so I couldn't post my opinion.(This is not about spartans) While I was reading it I began to wonder what would happen if a combat squad of five space marines vs two commando squads of 4 ea. for some reason were in the position to fight each other.
Whats your opinion?


My opinion is totaly with the side of the marines. Now granted Imperial tech is not the cream of the crop so rcs could out shoot if both sides have same guns. But with bolt guns its pretty one sided if one bolt even hit clean on an arm that arm would be gone. The anti armour for rcs are cool but i dont think that it could punch through power armour every time. If rcs have good defensive positions they could do some damage given time. In cc it is completly out of the rcs league no matter how beefed up rcs are a marine is all roids and not to mention are cc most of the battle. The only way I see rcs coming on top is if they use there superior targeting and tact maps to out flank and hit the marines on all sides.
Overall I have to give it the marines, there armour and guns really pull the day

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