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It was truly a site to behold, the skies above Serocco. No longer was it brimming with traffic getting in or out, no longer were there any ships but his own. Sethos relished the thought that he had just blockaded a planet.

Where is your Republic now?, he thought, as he looked above and saw only magnificence. A magnificent military work indeed. The blockade has encountered no resistance besides that of mere pirates and smugglers, wishing to get in or out of the desert planet. And who would want to resist them anyway? Who would have the courage to stand up to a gargantuan fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers?

A thin smile began to take shape over the deformed lips of Darth Sethos, amazed at the brilliance of his Shadow Dwellers. At the moment, hundreds of the elite Bloodbringers are storming the Vakkeyan Palace, to establish a martial law under Sethos's command. The Vakkeyan Police have been offering puny resistance, reports them, so there should be no problem taking control of Vakkeya.

Darth Sethos was now standing on a large building the Bloodbringers have established as an HQ, observing the city below. He saw hundreds of citizens being massacred from the impending flood that is the Bloodbringers. He watched as Blaster casings flew all around the place as civilians fell. He watched the pathetic civilian try to use his vibroblade against one of the elite warriors, only to be decapitated with one swift blow from a Shadow Dweller. This was not war. This was massacre.

Suddenly, Sethos heard footsteps behind him. He did not have to turn around to figure out who he was. He already knew.

"What word do you bring, Praetorian?", said Sethos, a firm authoritative tone in his voice.

Praetorian was used to the routine. He bowed down, the began his report.

"Sir, there has been word of an insurgency trying to push us out of Serocco. They're weak the the moment, but they bolster forces by the hundreds. They've caught 67th Company off-guard, sir, and unfortunately, 67th has been decimated."

Sethos turned around at this news. He did not expect any resistance from the local populace.

"Have you knowledge of the source of this rebellion?", asked Sethos.

Praetorian nodded.
"Yes, sir. We believe their main recruitment center is the local cantina. It might be worth paying a visit there. We just need your thumbs-up sir."

"Mobilize my speeder. I'll go there myself."

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