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Null shook his head at Azrael's response.

"He's not kidding you know. We've got to move."

"Oh I me. Alright everyone let's move out, we've got a ship to catch."

Null opened the door and quickly walked through to see the general speaking with another soldier. He was able to hear a piece of the conversation and knew the soldier was part of his team.

"No time to explain now soldier, I'll get you up to speed once we leave the ground. I hope you've got zero gee training, if not you better learn real fast."

Null led his group of soldiers to the hangar to board their ship. A man was waiting in front of the ship for the group. Null had actually been briefed about this man before even learing he was to be leading the mission.

"Mr...Deck is it? Let's cut to the chase Deck. I don't care what you did before you were sent here. The only thing that I care about is that you do what I say. Other than that I'd like to welcome you to the team."
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