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Null looked around at all his team as he walked into the ship. The more time he spent with them, the more he could fell them becoming a unit. He was already beginning to see different personalities amongst the group. He had more confidence in his team as he made his way to the cockpit.

"I must say I'm impressed you actually waited for us Azrael. Well lets get this thing moving asap."

He really didn't have time to listen to the AI's response as he needed to give the ship and quick check. He made sure everything was in shape before making his way back to the cockpit. He sat down in one of the chairs and waited for the AI to give him a friendly response before starting the ship.


A Plague Recon Crusier passed by another lifeless planet. It was slowly making its way towards Eridanus V. The Kandoid captain looked out into space as he sat in his chair on the bridge. His scanners began to go off and one of his fellow Kandoids spoke up.

"Sir we've detected the planet."

"Excellent work, I will inform the general of this."

A large holoscreen appeared in front of the captain. The image of General Thantos stood before him.

"General Thantos, we've found the human planet."

"Good." was all the general had to say.

"We will send our coordinates when the planet comes into view."

"Well done Captain Triton. The Forsaken Ones will suffer our Wrath."

"As we cleanse them all along The Path." replied the Captain finishing the code.

The image disapeared from the screen leaving the captain to watch the stars out in space again.
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