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((Get ready, Darth Betrayal! Lyna's outside. ))

As Lyna sat at the table, lost in her own world, the young woman noticed an armored man with a helmet come to them. He seemed familiar. He began to tell them about 'The Wheel', telling her and Cade about themselves, and showing her a signed picture... of her!

Lyna tilted her head a little at the newcomer. Suddenly... it hit her. "Slate? Slate Q'nal? Omigosh, it has been long!" She shook his hand joyfully. "Yes! Now I remember you! It's great to see ya."

Originally Posted by Cyborg Ninja View Post
Cylax put his camo back on and stopped right before the entrance to the cantina. He put his back to the wall and stuck his head out to see where Cade was sitting. He pointed his gun arm at not Cade but the binjinphant. Rather than fire his weapon he set it to a high pitched frequency that only it would be able to hear. A high pitched ringing shout out from his arm towards the cantina. Cylax would have no way of knowing if it worked as he could not here it. The only way he would know is if the creature reacted.
When they thought that all was going all right, Cyan started to jump up and squeak. The little binjinphant jumped off the table, and created a little bit of chaos inside the cantina.

"Get it off! Someone call Animal Control! It's a rat!!" People in the cantina were screaming.

Lyna jumped from her seat, and blushed with embarrassment to Cade, Slate, and Nale. "Um... heh heh. I'll... go get her..." And with that, the young woman dashed off after Cyan. The little binjinphant ran outside, still squeaking with confusion.

The young woman came outside as well, and Force pulled Cyan to her. Holding her little pet and friend, Lyna asked, "What's gotten into ya, Cyan? You nearly scared everyone outta their pants. Well... sorta..." She began to laugh at her own joke.

Suddenly, she saw people screaming and running around. Lyna stopped someone that ran close to her. "Hey! What's going on?"

"Run for your life, girl! Run for your life!!" The male Bothan yelled, and ran away. Lyna squinted her blue eyes, staring down the road. All of a sudden, she felt the very same dark presence she felt earlier. "They're coming this way..." Lyna whispered.

Cyan jumped on her head, and hid her little face, cooing worryingly.

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