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Originally Posted by Det. Bart Lasiter View Post
i will discuss the video then.

Originally Posted by Det. Bart Lasiter View Post
it is 3 minutes of drivel during which professor cdk007 ignores the fact that he is talking about how unless god loves us all as much as we love the most important person in our lives this somehow disproves the fact that there is a god.
Actually, it's a condensed, real-world take on one aspect of the problem of evil. Perhaps you're not familiar with that theological argument, hence why you're unable to recognize the context.

It does not "somehow disprove the fact that there is a god".

It does demonstrate that the problem of evil is a valid theological argument and that apologetics are insufficient to address it.

Originally Posted by Det. Bart Lasiter View Post
think about that for a second, how much any of us love 1 person is his standard and god has to meet that standard for billions of us?
I've thought about it for a lot of seconds. I'd ask you to think about your own argument for a second:

Either our standards are based on gods or they are not. If they are and god is not able to meet his own standard, then there is a problem. If they are not then how do we get our standards? Are our standards higher or lower than god's. Either way you go, this is also a problem for god.

So, I do agree with you that one of us does need to spend some time thinking about it.

Originally Posted by Det. Bart Lasiter View Post
you can't be serious, and i hope you reconsider calling yourself logical if you truely believe this is at all rational
Perhaps a stronger counter-argument would indeed give me cause for further reflection. At this point, I think I'm still okay.

Originally Posted by lockhead View Post
"Father" is a term ofter used in relation to god. A father who disciplines his children would still love them. While the concept of hell might seem severe, would it be any better were those who did not love god allowed to make those who do love god suffer?
This is precisely the point raised in the video.

Assume for a second that your assumption is correct and discipline ala "tough love" is the best standard for raising "children". Are you saying that a spanking for breaking a vase and spending an eternity is a lake of fire for not loving your parents "enough" is the same thing? If yes, then there's your answer, thanks for playing, and we're all done here. If no, then we have to ask ourselves why our standards would appear to be more merciful and more loving than god's. Which is a huge problem because "he" is supposed to be ALL-loving and we're supposed to be fallible.

Even if "tough love" is the answer, god's version of it seems extreme to at least some of us and runs counter to any presupposition that god is omnibenevolent. Can't have it both ways here.

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