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Originally Posted by lockhead View Post
I want to reflect back what I think you're saying. You're saying that god cannot exist because of the concept of hell?
No. I'll once more repeat what I am saying:

Either hell isn't real, god isn't real, or god doesn't love us all.

There is as much (or as little) room for the middle option as you care for, but one of those things has to be true.

Obviously, if you opt for the middle option, then the third is void as well and the first one kinda loses any significance.

Originally Posted by lockhead View Post
To try and answer the question of why there is a need for hell, say you were running this forum. One day someone comes in and starts acting obnoxious. They argue, they fight, and they threaten the forum staff when they intercede. What do you do?
The analogy is not even worth my time. You're welcome to try again though.
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