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Originally Posted by MeddlingMonk View Post
It kind of depends on how 'much' anti-aliasing is being applied. If you're only choice is to have it on or off, for GF off is probably best. But if you have choices like 2x, 4x, 8x, and other choices (which you probably don't have access to unless you're using an unofficial settings tweaker), GF tends to like settings like 2x or 2x1 or 2x2 best, depending (on what, I don't know).
Originally Posted by Jona View Post
GF runs with a native resolution of 640x480. The game should switch to that mode when you start it up anyway.

Please post a screenshot of what you mean by 'pixel losses'. GF runs fine on my ATi Radeon 4850 HD on an iMac with full hardware acceleration.
It goes wery backwards now in alot of areas at the same time

Downloading the extra "GRIMDATA" package to the game directory causes some problems now for me, as soon as merging the regfile "goodtimes" to computer, the game exe file stopps responding after, the question is if the patch take any effect if not using goodtime? does this package involve the official patch 1.01?

Have now reinstalled game throu "GrimSetup1.0" with standalone "Gfupd101"

starting throu modified "Grim Launcher" causes this message on both "Play Fullscreen" and "Windowed Mode"
double klick

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it still doenst like my desktop resolution it seems?

However if starting throu the CD autorun it will work, but it doesnt look good as usual
there are two options i have, if choose to use ingame 3d accelerator, all people in the world will become invisible unless Many runs
if disable 3d accelerator instead, it will ironicly create a shadow snailtrail behind Many when he runs
and in my opinion catalyst own settings there will not affect these 2 crap modes no matter how you sett them

Catalyst settings available i have mixtured with

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