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i think to be fair the biggest problem i found is some enemies seemingly taking loads of damage to die. so i did a few ai practice matches to see what works best to kill what. i found out the frightwigs (really do me head in), brood and other drowning doom vehicles seem to die pretty fast if ya spam the shocker attack at them. leave your guys to tackle the normal infantry and focus you own attacks on getting rid of them. oh and those fools with the rats. they can wreck your infantry pretty quick so if ya see them about make them a priority. think the shocker works well on them also. i find in this one usually its worth making your units keep them on the back foot. if ya find someone has snuck behind ya try and fly back and thin the troops and youll find theyll usually pull back to defend the stage. i think in this battle more than most as its so big you can get lured into wasting alot of time running your troops up and down so try and do it as little as possible.
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