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"Tech expert huh? Then I guess that makes me the Tech god, which I can definitely live with."

"I probably should of said "A Tech Expert". The Officer who recruited me implied you guys needed more than one. The difference between the both of us are certain fields of mechanics - my primary specialty is hacking computers and security. Whats yours?"

"Attention all crew," Azrael spoke over the intercom now that all the preparations had been made. "We are now departing. ETA: Two hours. Destination: Death. Enjoy your flight."

"You guys have an AI? They left that part out, unfortunatly. Well, if he's decided to replace me, then I suppose I'm fine with that."

"Well, mr Deck, we already have a Tech, and an AI to pilot the ship. We don't need a criminal who will probably shoot us in the back and get out when it gets heated."

"And we certainly dont need a crew member who complains like a little girl all the time." Deck smirked. "I'd expect no less from a noblemen like yourself. Yup, I read your file. Sorry, but I was forced to by the Officer."

He crossed his hands behind his head. "Besides, I'm not enabled to go rogue against you guys anyway. I'm being "monitored" so to speak; I've been injected with a small family of nanobots that monitor my behaviour. One big mistake, and they'll release a toxic chemical that will spread throughout my entire body. So please, lets at least try to get along! For my sake!"
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