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Jack waited until Null had left the room before he leapt at Deck, holding him against the wall.

"I haven't seen my family since I joined the force," he said quietly. "And besides you kidnapped my cousin. I would have killed you here and now if i could."

Jack let go of Deck and walked out of the cockpit, turning into a small room which contained a boxing bag. Jack took of his armor, leaving him in a black jumpsuit and then practiced kickboxing at the bag, becoming more and more aggresive as he thought about his family, whom he had left, who possibly would die now. He kept going until he managed to kick the boxing bag from it's chain. He sat down on a box, hiding his face in his hands.

After sitting so a few minutes Jack got up, sweeping his black hair from his eyes. He equipped his armor again and stepped out into the mainroom. He greeted everyone with a nod and then sat down in a chair. He turned to Sullivan.

"So, what's your story, mate?" he said.

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