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A hint of surprise showed up in Sethos's face as the survivor brought out a lightsaber. Hhe did not yet know what the survivor was exactly, what role he played in Sethos's life, and neither was he in a position to do so. He was, instead, in a position of intense and uncontrollable power, power which he has to direct somehow.

"Shadow Dwellers, destroy that man!", he said, pointing to the man known as Cade. He then raised his right hand up in the air, focusing all the dark Force flowing through him. Afterwards, a storm poured out of the once sunny sky, and lightning struck Sethos's lightsaber. The lightning made the lightsaber crackle a bit, as if intense energy just waited to flow out from it.

The Shadow Dwellers, having full confidence in their power in numbers, engaged Cade, running and putting forward their lightsabers to deflect any blasterfire the man might shoot at them. They encircled the man, two of them prepared to flank him and deliver the coup de grace.

Meanwhile, Sethos leaped up as well, reaching a destination that was only about a few feet away from Lyna's.

"I know now why you are the survivor.", he said, laughing, still not in control of his body. "Tell me young one. Did you not peek out of the hiding place you were in while I butchered your parents?" Sethos let out a diabolical laugh, and lightning struck down from the skies. Sethos jumped in to engage, his lightsaber teeming with energy leading the way.

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