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"I have no idea why any of us are here aside from Null and I. Everybody has their own story, their own motivations, some are just more.... disturbed than others."

"I suppose. But in a way, I cant really blame him - I was responcible for his cousin's disapearance. She wanted me to ship her off Eridanus V, so she can escape the arrogance of her father."

"you okay? I don't know how strong he is, but I get the feeling that he might be able to leave a few bruises on you through armor if he really tried, and it looked like he was pissed as hell."

"He's not as strong as you may think; I've been through far worse than what he is capable of..." he stepped forward and crossed his arms. "But if he tries another move like that again, to anyone else especially, I'll make sure he wont get a chance to feel remorse for his actions." Deck promised. "Regardless of the consequences."

He cold stare turned back into a smile. He shook Evans hand. "Sorry, we havent been formally introduced. Deck Reynolds, Freelance Mercenary."
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