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I think that the movie's plot line was trash, but the series has pretty original storyline. And you've got to admit, Cad Bane is pretty sweet! Cad Bane is climbing up the list of favorite Villans. And if you watch the series long enough, you will see homages to the old movies, and other things that are meant for the adults.

One of the funny moments, is in the episode Bombad Jedi, where Jar Jar stars along side C3-PO. Jar Jar represents the younger audiences humor, and C3-PO represents the older audiences humor. It shows the two of them bicker, much like the old and young audiences do in real life.
Another mature theme in the show, is in the episodes Jedi Crash and Defenders of the Peace. It deals with sacrifice, and fighting in what you believe in, even when it is the unpopular choice.


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Says the dude with Nahdar as his avatar.
Does that mean my commentary is irrelevant? I like the series, yes, but that's irrelevant for the point I'm trying to make.
No, I was just messin with ya .

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