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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I don't think so. About TSL, there was no Clone Wars at the time to serve as an excuse for it's many bugs. And just because a company like LucasArts released a game like this, that doesn't mean they are not doing something about other SW games too. Besides, LucasArts is just the publisher, so that's one more reason to believe they're working on more games as well. TOR, BFIII?, etc...
True, but there was the work they were likely doing for ROTS, and it seems that everything else besides just gets a date to ship, and if it isn't ready, "oh well". Seems to fit, since they even forbade Obsidian to make a patch that would complete the game.

But more on topic, It is possible that other things other than Clone Wars material is being worked on, but it seems more priority is placed on things relating to the movies and such, and not as much to other things.

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