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"So, what's your story, mate?" he said.

"My parents were there when Earth was destroyed," said Sullivan, telling his story. "Some of my family members also had run ins with the Plague, Not many of them made it out alive. It actually makes me happy to hear a Plague's neck snap." Sullivan had lost a few cousins and a sibling to the Plague, causing him to have an absolute hatred for them. Sullivan decided to go to the cockpit to talk to Deck. He couldn't say that he actually liked noblemen. He had nothing wrong with them, but they came off as a bit snobbish to him. Besides, he thought it best he got to know everyone on the squad.

"So," he said to Deck. "Are you alright with that nobleman out there? I could hear you guys arguing from out there. What's up with this Mia girl anyways?"

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