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"I've only just met you and I already like your style. You don't seem to care too much about what that nobleman thinks, or anyone else, for that matter."

"You flatter me." Deck chuckled, and raised a hand. "But I'm certainly no hero. I've done questionable things, but I can safely say most of them were for the right reasons. I do what I feel is right."

"If you have anymore stories, feel free to tell them."

"Oh, I do... But perhaps another time, if we get a chance." Deck promised. "Right now, we have a job to do."

Deck was about to walk out of the cockpit, but stared at the control panel. Azreal seemed to be handeling the piloting of the ship okay. He continued onward, to the ship's main area where Evans was hanging out.

"I assume we've got some type of strategy planned out?"
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