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Originally Posted by TheDarthOne View Post
I have a 22inch monitor,but my problem is that it does'nt use the full monitor screen if,it kinda only uses half and there black on both sides,if you get what im mean,my question is,is there a mod thats been released that allow to play in widescreen?

Do you have your screen properties set up correctly in your OS? I suspect that you may have it in a resolution other than a "widescreen", so it's showing a sort of letterbox. Is it doing this with other things like your desktop, or only EAW?

I have a 24 inch widescreen monitor and it plays this game in 16:9 widescreen. It defaulted to that without resetting anything, although there could be a graphics setting in the options (the loading screen) that you may have to set. Vista 64bit did it automatically for me if there was a required setting to chose.

I'll look at the game when I get home and see if there's a setting issue. Please repost if you are still having the issue.

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