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Cade smirked as he saw the Shadow Dwellers Lightsaber deactivate due to cause of the rain.

"Uh-Oh! Looks like somebody forgot to add enhancement crystals to resist rainfall."

Cade walked slowly towards the Shadow Dweller and was about to strike him. The Shadow Dweller dropped to the ground and landed with one hand. He kicked Cade in the face, and performed a back flip to land behind Cade. Unexpectedly, Cade was held in a death-grip.

"Damn! Echani trained..." he thought. He tried his best to struggle, but it didnt do any good. Cade began to lose feeling, when suddenly the grip from the Dweller stopped. Cade remembered hearing a sound of a blaster shot.

He turned around to see Nale was aiming his blaster in Cade's direction. He holstered his rifle on his back.

"Thanks. I guess I owe you one..."

"Three times, actually. Remember Dantooine and Raxus Prime?" Nale crossed his arms, speaking matter-of-factly. Cade rolled his eyes.

"I'll get back to you on that..." he looked up to see the duel between Lyna and that Sith guy. The downpour seemed quite dreadful.

Cade leaped up in the air and landed on the rooftop, behind the Sith man... whoever he is.

"Alright, I understand we've made alot of people angry during the past few months. But threatening my girlfriend goes a little too far for vengence."

He unclipped his Lightsaber and activated it. "Lets get this over with, shall we?" he breathed a heavy sigh.
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