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((Oh snap! ))

"Alright, I understand we've made alot of people angry during the past few months. But threatening my girlfriend goes a little too far for vengence."

Lyna blushed when Cade called her his girlfriend. She had to admit, they did spend time together sometimes. But then she also wanted to make sure Cade didn't get hurt by this Sith. He seemed like the powerful type. It was scary...

"So you think it would be over now? I don't think so! You have a lot to learn, both of you."

Suddenly, Sethos's soldiers, maybe hundreds of them, came to the cantina, with a press of his button, while the villain made his escape.


Lyna glared, as the soldiers began to shoot at them. Deflecting their bolts with her lightsaber, Lyna yelled to Cade, "There's too many of them! We have to get outta here, and quick!"

As her friends fought the soldiers, Cyan remembered her super abilities. The little binjinphant came a few feet away from the soldiers and began to inhale. Suddenly, she sent a strong sonic wave to the solders from her mouth, sending over 80 men flying. It was a good thing she had her powers with her still...

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