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There's really no difference between AA and FSAA apart from two extra letters that stand for 'full screen'. I'm showing my age by using an older term. From your screenshot, the only thing I'm concerned about is the top section about antialiasing. I don't have your hardware so I can't experiment, only guess. I normally wouldn't think that having 'use application settings' checked would be a problem for GF, but am I right in thinking it was and you had problems? If so, unchecking that option and leaving the slider all the way to the left ought to be OK but I'm not sure. All I can say is that the same setting worked fine for me on an older computer I no longer have with an Nvidia card. On the chance you already tried that as well, I'm curious about the filter drop-down. What other choices are there other than 'box'? I think I know what 'filter' is about but manufacturers have their own jargon sometimes.
Yes Grim hade no problem with AA enabled on my pretty modern Geforce card either, the only thing keeping me from still using it is that i think i need the extra ram in this ati card!!

I have tested both application settings and the other alternative '2X AA'
i may see that as a problem..that you cant disable AA fully with Radeon, what if Grim having issue with as low as 2 AA, and what if "application settings" grayed out 2X AA still are forcing 2X AA ingame even thou this sounds like it should have no AA

The other filter options are


have never tested to change here
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