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Lyna saw that Cade was slashing up every single soldier that he could come across. "Woah. He's gotten really good," she thought to herself with a grin.

"I'll meet you guys at the ship!" Nale barked, as he fought through the streets.

"All right!" Lyna replied. After Lyna grabbed Cyan, she dashed off, using Force speed, just as Cade told her to do. As she ran towards the ship's direction, Lyna thought about the Sith that claimed he killed her parents. She felt a slight anger, but tried her best to shake it off.

Finally, she got to the Ossanian Angel and met up with Cade. She smiled up at him. "Well... that was unexpected." She glanced back, waiting on Nale. Then she looked back up at Cade. "You okay?"
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