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"Oh, goody, we're finally getting a plan made." Evans said dryly. "I assume you have a plan that's more than: Run towards the enemy and hope to not get killed?"

"With all due respect sir the current plan will work, perhaps you've just been away from the real action for far too long... sir." Null stated being slightly irritated.

Null walked around for a few seconds before beginning.

"I'll state the plan one more time. We fly towards the Plague Recon Cruiser until it detects us. We quickly kill all power so all the ship scans is a dead ship. They will begin to send a boarding party while we put on our zero gee armor and exit our ship. Azrael will have a surprise waiting for the boarding party. We cut a hole where The Plague connected our two ships and enter from there. Once inside Azrael will jam their communications which will prevent them from signaling help. We will have our own private frequency on which to talk to so they won't be able to hear us. Once inside we split up into two groups. Group 1 will covertly take out any enemies that get in our way while they head to the bridge. Group 2 will head to the engine room and plant as many explosives as they can. Group 1 will secure the bridge and Azrael downloads as much info as he can. Once he’s download everything we send the ships back in the direction it came and trigger its distress beacon. We regroup and head back to our ship and fly back, and The Plague recieve a nasty surprise.”
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