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"With all due respect sir the current plan will work, perhaps you've just been away from the real action for far too long... sir."

Evans raised an eyebrow, it looked like he'd be taking a stroll through Null's file if he survived this, any Master Sergeant who felt that he could talk to an officer like this had to be special. Though he was slightly miffed, mainly because the sergeant had heard the comments and not put them in their proper context.

["]Once he’s download everything we send the ships back in the direction it came and trigger its distress beacon. We regroup and head back to our ship and fly back, and The Plague recieve a nasty surprise.”

Evans looked at Null blankly, waiting for something else to appear, something.... helpful. As it was, he did not like the plan, it left far too much to fate, who was a conniving, vengeful bitch that would just as likely screw you over as help you. Damn him having command. He raged within the safety of his own mind, not that he'd have a better time of it, but he'd like to think he'd put together a plan with less.... complications and chances...

"You mean to say master sergeant that we're relying on chance to see us through?" Evans looked at the his hands again before looking up, his thoughts ordered. "We're going to get within the detection range of a Plague cruiser -which we don't know yet, considering we've never captured one- shut down everything quickly and play dead ship while hoping they don't do an infra-red scan and see that, our engines are running?" Evans shook his head. "Not only that but we're going to try and board a cruiser? Just us? You've fought against the Plague Master Sergeant, just like everybody else here, it's never that easy."

Evans looked at the Master Sergeant, hoping that he'd see something in the younger man's eyes to betray what he was thinking, to get an idea of how far he could trust him with his life...

((Not meaning to be confrontational CN; and I think I've rp'd with enough Sam Larsons by now to get their general feel Jedi , actually they weren't it was more just what a 40 year veteran would think after seeing such a rag tag group go forward with next to nil planning.))

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