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"You mean to say master sergeant that we're relying on chance to see us through?... "Not only that but we're going to try and board a cruiser? Just us? You've fought against the Plague Master Sergeant, just like everybody else here, it's never that easy."

"I dont like the idea of dying either..." Deck added. "But I'm sure you were already that our odds of survival heavily relied upon chance, before you accepted this mission."

He rested his arms behind his head. "Besides, there are a few ways to avoid infrared. Like using the IES stealth system, which absorbs heat caused by shipboard operations - including crew members. That heat gets stored into the Lithium sinks stored within the Hull, rendering us "invisible" to infrared detectors."

Like most people, the average joe wouldnt understand a word he just said. But Deck didnt care; as long as the plan worked, nobody would care.

"So who goes on whose team, out of curiosity?" he queried Null.
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