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Cade reached the Ossanian Angel, with Lyna following behind. They waited for Nale to turn up.

"You okay?" Lyna asked Cade. He glanced back.

"If by "ok", you mean physically endured through batallion of hired soldiers and Sith forces; then yes I am ok..."

He crossed his arms. "But after finally realising that despite all the work and effort we have gone through, lost many lives in the process, to try and rid the sith from the galaxy was all in vein? That leaves me infuriated."

Cade tried to vent his anger and keep calm. He walked over to Lyna, and brushed the hair hiding her face. He examined her arms for injury.

"You havent been hurt, I hope?"

Nale eventually reached the Dock, with his blaster rifle over his shoulder as he caught view of Cade and Lyna. He approached them. "Finally evaded heavy casualties..." he breathed. "I need a vacation."
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