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"You havent been hurt, I hope?"

Lyna didn't like it when Cade was angry, but she was glad to see him calm down and not give into anger. As he examined her arms, Lyna smiled. "Oh, Cade, you always worry about me." She placed a gentle hand on his face, chuckling. "I'm okay, though..."

"Finally evaded heavy casualties..." he breathed. "I need a vacation."

The young woman looked over at Nale and laughed heartily. "Don't worry, Nale. We'll get off this rock and have a vacation for sure." Suddenly, another voice was heard. Only... it was familiar and scary.

"Well well, we meet once again Cade Skywalker."

Lyna turned to look at the same cyborg that attempted to attack her and Cade. She activated her lightsaber, and stood in defense stance. "What do you want? Why can't you leave us alone!?"
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