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i finally finish GF, after 5 years???!!

i played it once on my old PC running win2k, could get pass the first part, where u go to the poisoning, just couldn't find where to go. at that time i didn't really know much about puzzles or walkthrough available.

Recently i been digging up old games, since my laptop cannot run newer games like Fifa2k10 & FM2010. so finally reloaded GF, i did hang a few times... but i manage to compete it with help from walkthrough...

my biggest mistake... i thot those golden doors was my "big boss" room, hence i didn't bother going near it. and kept thinking i had to leave the building to find the location.

anyway. awesome game, but a lot of missing parts and question marks. would be nice if the ending talks about what happens after u kill the bad guy....

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