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You tell Me...


Why is my life feeling so down?
Why is it that every time I look up at the people I pass by,
tears fill up my eyes?

You tell Me.

I love my family and friends.
But... why do I feel the need to go away from them?
Is it because I feel distant or unwanted?

You tell Me.

My heart and soul feels heavy. I know what's comin'.
My head is filled with anger and sadness
that I can not stand.

You tell Me...

That we should live out our lives and live
to the fullest.

That Man need not to be in despair,
but have Hope and Faith for the Future.

Tell Me that our Generation should look to the sky
and lift up our voices with joy.
That we, as family, friends, and allies,
should wipe our tears and join in Unity together.

You tell Yourself that...
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