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Cylax was impressed when he heard the word Caster. Not many people carried those, so if someone was wielding one they weren't messing around. Than again it could be a bluff as this man was either Cade's friends or someone else who wanted the kill. Still risking turning around to attack this man would get him injured in the process no matter what pistol he had. He would have to flee this scene and track them again. He activated autopliot for his ship from his HUD and set the coordinates.

"Still using your friends to fight your battles for you I see. Very well, looks like your girlfriend and your gunslinger back here saved you...for now."

Cylax slowly lowered his right arm until it was at his side. He turned off his gravity enhancers for what he was about to do next. He pointed his forearm to the right and fired. The recoil shot him to the left as he fell off the platform. Waiting below the platform was his ship. The ship began to rise up as the boarding ramp opened up. He fired a couple of shots at the group to keep them from hitting him. He jumped to the boarding ramp as quickly as possible. He looked over at Cade once more and laughed.

"We'll meet again Skywalker, count on it."

The bridge shut behind him as he made his way to the cockpit. He raced off into the sky and activated the ship's camo when it was far enough away. The game of search and destory was over, but the second round of cat and mouse was about to begin.
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