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Null looked around at the group. He could tell some if not most of them were concerned about the plan.

"To answer you sir the plan is risky but I assure you it won't be by chance. While this ship does not have an IES stealth system, it does have a little something like that. On my command Azrael will put up what looks like some sort of shielding around our dead ship. In reality our ship will have the appearence of one of their's. During my last mission with Azrael, we were able to learn the Kandoid's language...well he was at least. He'll send out a distress call in the Kandoid language where the ship will pick it up and make its way for us. We pretend our engine's have failed, our troops are injured, we're about to lose communication, and we found something to help "The Path".

"So who goes on whose team, out of curiosity?"

Null was beginning to learn the other team member's personalities and how they would do in combat.

"I'm glad you asked. Clearly Captain Evans and I will lead both groups. I will be on Group 1 and he'll lead Group 2. Deck, Tech, and Sullivan will come with me which means Jack, and Larson are with you Captain."
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