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"I realize that we're going to put on zero-g suits, but what's to stop them from seeing us before we board their ship? Our ship might change appearence, but we won't."

"The suits themselves will be black which makes us very hard to spot in space especially if you're more concerned about the ship. There is a huge blindspot in The Plague cruiser where they can't see anything. We'll launch ourselves there and make our way to their airlock."

"So, where's group 2 headed, and how many doors will we need to create on our way in?"

"Group 2 is going to sabotage the engine room sir. Larson's AI should be able to guide you to there and should be able to sabotage it as well. If not a few bombs that Azrael can detonate will do the trick."

Null felt a slight ringing in his head, like he did during his first fight with the Plague. He quickly shook his head and tried to rub it but remembered that his helmet was still on.
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