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"Well well, we meet once again Cade Skywalker."

Cade turned around to see a man wearing a heavy amount of armor, threatening him with a blaster attached to his arm. It was difficult to recognise him, with that suit he was wearing.

"Crap... When will these guys leave us alone?" he sighed. "Do I know you, sir?"

All of a sudden, Slate appeared behind him and began making threats of his own to the cyborg. He then motioned Cade and the other to board the ship.

"Uh, yeah... Ok, lets get on board before this gets even uglier..."

"Still using your friends to fight your battles for you I see. Very well, looks like your girlfriend and your gunslinger back here saved you...for now."

"Not like I ask this to happen. Besides I'm already having a difficult time remembering who you are, so essentialyl you're opinion means nothing to me."

The Cyborg aimed his gun-arm away from Cade and fired. The shot rebounded against the magnetically sealed door and was about to hit Cade. Cade managed to dodge the fire, thanking his reflexes for saving his life. The cyborg mounted on a ship and was about to board it.

"We'll meet again Skywalker, count on it."

"Yeah, I look forward to it..." Cade muttered. The cyborg fleed using his ship and disapeared into the night sky. Cade put away his Lightsaber, and glanced up at Slate.

"Thanks Slate... I guess I owe you one." he added. He looked back at the Ossanian Angel, then back at Slate. "I dont 'spose you need a lift anywhere?"

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