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"Group 2 is going to sabotage the engine room sir. Larson's AI should be able to guide you to there and should be able to sabotage it as well. If not a few bombs that Azrael can detonate will do the trick."

In a way, Deck was glad he wasnt on Group 2. He wouldnt have to go through the hassle of setting off explosives; the whole process was messy. Plus, Deck could see a reason why Null chose him to be on his team - the conflict between Deck and Jack may compromise the mission. But still, there was one problem.

"Well those are some fine choices you made, Master Sergeant." Deck added. "But I sincerely hope one of the Captain' team members have good enough skill with demolitions. Otherwise, it be worth sending one of us Tech Experts over to the other team. But apart from that, if everything goes well, I have no complaints."
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