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After the Cyborg attempted to hurt her friends and Cade, Lyna jumped out of harm's way. After Cade was safe, and the Cyborg was gone into the night sky, Lyna sadly looked over at Cade.

"Thanks Slate... I guess I owe you one."

When she heard him say that, she became saddened. "Cade... I... I wanted to defend you. But I didn't mean to..." Tears formed in her eyes. She closed them angrily, and brushed off everyone. "Just forget it!"

And with that, Lyna began to cry and run away inside the Ossanian Angel, followed by Cyan.

After locking herself inside her quarters, Lyna tearfully went to a small box that sat on her desk and unlocked it. Suddenly, a Holocron was revealed. She never told anyone she had a Holocron... even Cade.

It was the Holocron of Grand Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Bantha gave it to her, after his deceased brother, Kol Skywalker, passed it down to him.

Lyna set the Holocron down on the floor, and knelt down in front of it. Then she closed her eyes, and focused on the Force to activate the Holocron. It wasn't difficult, but still, you had to do it right. Finally, the hologram of Luke Skywalker appeared. The hologram smiled warmly.

"Lyna Honso. It's good to see you again, young one," Luke said.

The young woman smiled tearfully, and nodded. Then she bowed her head. "It's good to see you too... Master Skywalker..."

Cyan made a bowing pose, following what her master was doing.
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