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Standing at a pleasant distance away from the comotion, Dravin watched and waited. When the cyborg type being left the group he saw the female figure yell something he couldn't quite make out and run into the ship that was laying before him. The ship wasn't bad, but in his years of being a smuggler. Dravin started walking to his left making it seem like he had no interest in the events that he witnessed. Once he was sure he couldn't be spotted he activated his cloaking device and quietly snuck aboard the ship he saw the girl run into earlier.

Dravin figured he just needed to find a place to lay low for a while until the ship made another stop. Then it would be a simple matter of acquiring the ship for his own uses, changing some codes and ownership and there he would have his own ship once again. But knowing that at least one of the people on the ship held a lightsaber, he wasn't sure how many more did as well.

Walking quickly using his heal to softly make contact with the ground and roll his feet upon the metal floor to soften any noises that would be made he searched for at least an empty room to hide in. In the background behind the noise of the humming engine he heard talking. His curiosity getting the better of him he walks closer to the door and knelt down trying to make out the voices he was hearing. One was deffinetly female and the other male, two people.

So are they're more on this ship that I'm not aware of? he thought to himself realizing he'd have to make a quick sweep of the ship at later moment in time.

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