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Luke noticed that Lyna had tears. He looked at her sadly. "Oh, my dear. What's wrong? Why are you crying, child?"

Lyna looked down with tearful eyes, and wiped them. Then she glanced back up at the hologram of Luke. "Well... first, I thought that I was doing a great job at protecting Cade. But.... it feels like... I'm only making a fool out of myself. What should I do?"

The hologram of the old Jedi Master smiled. He replied, "Well, it seems to me that you're trying too hard to protect Cade. He will always care for you. Even though you feel that he doesn't need your protection. He does need it. However, do not let fear nor worry consume you. They will lead down the path of doubt and darkness. Be cautious, Lyna. Always remember that."

Lyna nodded. "Yes, Master Skywalker. I understand..." She stared down at the floor, thinking of the events that happened.

"You hesitate," Luke broke the silence, looking up at her.

"Yes. Master Skywalker? I encountered... a powerful Sith Lord. They returened..."

The hologram of Luke stood there, shocked. Then he sighed with slight frustration. "They never give up, do they?" He focused his attention back to Lyna. "Tell me more."

"This one particular Sith leader, he never gave me his name, used a most devastating Force power. He raised his lightsaber to the night sky of Socorro, and somehow created lightning to give himself strength. Do you know what kind of power that is?"

Luke thought on this. Then he nodded. "Yes. It is called Alter Environment. This Force energy is used to manipulate nature, enabling the creation of phenomena like change in temperatures, whirlwinds, thunderstorm, or what have you. Now, you said that this Sith leader used the Force to summon lightning. This is the same thing my student, Kyp Durron, did.

He would use a small amount of his own power to harness the innate power already present. This could lead to the formation of killer waves and lightning storms with minimum effort and concentration, and depending on the amount of energy expended, little stamina. That's for a Jedi. But with a Sith... it could lead to much more dark energy."

After the information Luke gave her, Lyna now understood. She smiled. "Thank you, Master Skywalker. You've been really helpful to me."

The hologram of Luke smiled kindly and replied, "Always here to inform you and help if needed. May the Force be with you, young Honso." And with that, Luke disappeared inside the Holocron, and the Holocron became inactive.

The young woman placed the Holocron back inside the box, and locked it. Sitting on the bed with Cyan, Lyna wasn't crying anymore. "Master Skywalker's right, Cyan. I have to be strong. And not be over-protective..."

Cyan squealed in agreement and laid on Lyna's lap.

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