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Dravin stayed kneeling by the door until the conversation between the two people were over. He couldn't make out much of the conversation but he heard enough to know make his speculation a little more accurate about these paticular people being Jedi when the word Sith was mentioned. Knowing that it probably wasn't a good idea to stay in front of the door he slowly stood up and turned around spinning slightly on the ball of his heel. As he was walking down the hall Dravin's foot made contact with something that almost made him stumble and fall flat on his face. His foot came crashing down upon the metal ground make the contact echo and slightly vibrate through the hall. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath in and was thankful for his advanced stealth equipment.

His mind worked fast to figure his next move, people surely would of heart it and come to inspect. Then a thought crossed his mind, if he tried to make it seem like something had fallen, a piece of the ship maybe then his cover wouldn't be compramised. Even if he couldn't get this ship, which he hasn't given up on where ever it would be going he would certinely find more where ever it was going.

Ouch of the corner of his eye he noticed a lose piece of siding hanging there barely. If anything it would of fallen off when the ship tried to take off. Dravin reached out his hand slowly and pulled it off and placed it on the ground so it wouldn't make a noise. His only hope is that this would be believable and that no one was watching him.

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