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"It seems the Force has a way of informing others of exactly what I want. Sometimes to the point of when I want to kill that someone," Slate said. "I'd be very grateful, so yes, I accept your offer, and, if you don't mind, I'd like to take you up on that bet you two. Only I'll be throwing in a thousand credits, just to make things interesting, but, to make it remain interesting, I'm not telling you which side I'm betting for, so neither one of you knows which one of you two will end up with a thousand credits in the next hour, thus making things....interesting!"

Cade stared at Slate for some time, as if dumb-founded. He exchanged glances with Nale, who held the same look.

"Well, I wasnt planning on going that far..." Nale said sheepishly.

Cade scratched his head. "Man, we really shouldnt be doing this..." he chuckled. "This is just too mean. Thats why we cannot tell Lyna about this bet... EVER. If she asks, we'll deny it! Thats the only condition we have to follow."

He shook Slate's open gloved hand. "Deal! We'll match your wager, to keep things interesting..."

"Can we please get out of this place? Its very unnerving..." Nale complained. Cade nodded, and started walking up the ramp of the ship.

Cade walked towards the holographic projector and activated the console. The lights flickered, and sparks began to errupt from the machine. It immediatly shut down. He forgot it was still under maitenance.

"Oh crud, I forgot!" He rubbed his eyes. "Cyan chewed on the power cabling... Nale! Can you please fix up the Projector? I want coordinates before we exit the system."

"I'm suprised! He said "please" this time..." Nale smirked, as he walked passed Cade and entered the began to do his "thing" with fixing the holographic projector. Cade headed for the cockpit, so he can get the Angel up and running through space.
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