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"I can handle demo just fine. The, uh, plunger goes down and the explosives go off, right?"

This actually got Null to let a laugh out.

"Yes, my skills are sufficient to sabotage their engines. For a good time, unless they should happen to guess the new password into their system."

"Excellent, we'll make sure we don't The Plague that chance then."

Null was about to speak again when Azrael cut in.

"As much as I enjoy such basic human dialogue I must interrupt this little "chit chat". I've calculated we'll be seeing the Plague Cruiser in exactly 11 minutes and 7 seconds. I would suggest getting over to the armory now and getting yourselves set with the suits and weapons...Oh and I hope you enjoyed your flight." Azrael said over the PA system.

"You heard him, let's get a move on." Null said as he made his way towards the armory.
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