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((Where's Darth Betrayal? We still need Darth Sethos. BTW, sorry for taking long, guys. Lot's of stuff been going on. But, I'm back. )))

After Lyna sat on her bed, thinking about what Luke said and everything that happened, she got up and walked out of the room. She then headed for the cockpit, just to sit down.

Walking towards the cockpit, she thought on the Sith that claimed he killed her parents. There was a slight anger and a little voice telling her to get pay back. No. She couldn't fall into temptation's trap. To the Dark Side's trap.

She sighed sadly.

Suddenly, she bumped into someone. It was Cade. "Oh. Sorry, Cade. Didn't see you there. Had my head down, lost in thought."

Lyna rubbed her neck. "So... where we headed to?"

Cyan looked up at Cade, and snorted at him.
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