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((haha completely unnoticed he went, lol))

Draven pinned his back against the wall watching as the girl from the room left and walked down the hall. He could almost count the seconds that he had to hold his breath to remain undetected. Though part of him felt a little disappointed in this paticular force sensitive person. Dravin figured if anything his prensence no matter how small it seemed on the scale of things would be detected. Not that he was complaining at all. He waited several moments for the girl to leave his sight before he started to explore again.

He found the cargo hold and smiled a little. Being cloaked was fun, but he'd always had this bleak superstion that if he stayed like that for to long he'd be stuck that way forever. Dravin walked behind several boxes piled up and sat down and decloaked.

"Guess this is better then nothing" he mumbled quietly to himself.

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