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The trick is - don't use the CD.

Copy all the game-related files from the CD to a folder on your harddrive, then mount this folder as a CD drive inside DOSBox - this will allow the game to access its data much faster and smoother. And you will avoid any possible interference from Autoplay.

If you've copied the files in, for example, E:\TIEFCD, (or any other folder of your choice) then you use this command in DOSBox:

"mount (drive letter of your choice) E:\TIEFCD -t cdrom"

The game will now recognize the folder E:\TIEFCD as its own original CD. All you have to do now is install... and you're ready to play

Of course, you will have to mount E:\TIEFCD as a CD every time you start DOSBox (when you exit, the mount is lost). The game won't run without it.

That's what I did - and the game runs very fast and smooth. Set core to "dynamic" and cycles to "auto" and you're ready to bring justice to those pesky Rebels!

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