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((Aww, Kyvios! ))

"Iego.. We can lay low with my uncle Rawk, until things start to cool down."

Lyna sat down beside him on the co-pilot seat, nodding with a smile. She always loved going to Bantha's nest, especially for Droo's bilaberry patogga and blue milk. "Mmmm. Bilaberry patogga and Blue milk..." she thought to herself.

"This must be frustrating for you too." Cade added. "These kriffin' Sith keep coming back again and again. Its like theres no stop to it!"

She came back to reality and agreed with Cade. "Yes!" Lyna exclaimed in a frustrated voice. "The Sith never stop. They're like... non-stoppable robots." She made her arms move like robots and laughed. Then she became serious.

"Oh yeah. About what happened earlier... I'm sorry."
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