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"Oh yeah. About what happened earlier... I'm sorry."

"Oh yeah!" Cade added. "What was all that about, by the way."

Meanwhile, Nale was busy fixing the Holographic Projector that was damaged by Cyan. After a few complicated adjustments and replacing the power cabling, Nale stood by the base of the Projector and switched it on. Everything seemed operational from his stadpoint, and it took less time than he expected.

He wiped his forehead from grease and sweat. "Another job well done!" he said cheerfully. He heard creaking behind him, and the sound of an elevator. That couldnt be right; Slate was on the same level as he, Cade and Lyna. Somebody was down in the Cargo Hold.

Nale grabbed his near-by blaster pistol and walked in the direction of the elevator that lead to the Cargo. "I hope its Cyan..." he mumbled.
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