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Null made his way to the armory as quickly as he could. He took a look around before picking up an smg with a scope and silencer attachment. He grabbed three stun grenades, and a silencer for his custom made pistol. He gave his knife a quick sharpening before returning to the group. He placed the pistol at his side and had he smg on his back.

"Alright then, Azrael send out the signal and activate the holo image."

"Our ship now looks like there's, and a very lovely distress signal has been sent. They should be here in 10 minutes."


Titon looked over at his crew. He could tell they were all tired as was he, however they could not let the Plague down. The insectoid captain rubbed his antenna to keep him going. Suddenly a loud beeping was heard through the cruiser. An image was displayed on a holo screen in front of the captain. It was another Kandoid and by the looks of it he was injured.

"Attention anyone, this is Corporal Hanun. Our ship has been attacked. Our engines are dead and our shields are down. We have 7 dead and 16 wounded, we need help asap. Our coordinates are 140, 65..."

The message ended there. Titon scratched his head for a few seconds. He could never leave a fellow Kandoid in danger like that.

"Make those coordinates our new priority, we're getting are brethren out of there."
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