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Stylistic is dfinitely one thing when it coems to movie. But combat style and training is also another. Just because you *know* how to do something doesn't mean you have the ability to fluently use it effectively in the heat of battle. And, as we know it, Maul seems to be mostly facing 2 enemies rather than one. You fall back to the most trusted skills you know best. Maul is more melee oriented (yes he can use a blaster too, on top of other force powers), Dooku is just skilled at dueling, and Sidius is Force Power.

Its like saying, why don't they force throw a bunch of things all the time? Why don't they saber throw multiple sabers? why don't they just force grip/choke each other from start? why don't they... its a matter of combat style... that, and obviously some things are difficult/impractical/dangerous to perform during heated battle (*you do not see me in front of you...*... Oops! where did my hand go...)

Technically you can have someone dual-wielding 2 double-sabers, with an extra one in his mouth, then a dozen or so vibro shuriken floating around him with force power, then floating up some rapid firing blasters(or hack, gun turrets, size matter not!) all the while floating mid air surrounding himself with a continuous force malestorm and shooting force lightning out of his toes...

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